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 California Payroll Software 
Prepare Payroll, Print checks, Pay Taxes & File Tax Forms as easy as 123!
California Sales and Use Tax Preparation software
Prepare Sales and Use Tax as easy as 1.2.3!
Never compute Sales and Use Tax due again!
There is no need to search for a tax rate.
Just enter either sales including tax or sales without tax,
plus nontaxable sales and other deductions.
You are done. CSUTax will do the rest!
Download our 2020 CSUTax Full Trial Version and use Quick Sales Tax Calculator for FREE without purchase our program. Get Sales Tax Due, Sales including Tax or Taxable Sales without tax in seconds. Test 1st Quarter to view/print a complete E-filing report to e-file line by line online or print a complete Paper Tax Return to mail it to BOE
Guide to Use Free Quick Sales Tax Calculator 
Click Quick Sales Tax Calculator at task bar to open the worksheet.
  1. Enter Tax Period.
  2. Enter Sales Tax Rate.
If you do not know the tax rate, enter CITY+ZIP CODE. CSUTax will locate its current tax rate.
  3. Now just enter a value on 1 of 3 sections:
  Gross Sales including tax (R1)
  Sales Tax included in sales (9)
  Taxable Sales without tax (12)
    You will have results of the other 2 sections in a second.
  4. Add applicable Nontaxable Sales (line 4-8).
  5. Add Other Nontaxable Deductions (line 10) by click on value field to Add or Edit:
Click Add and repeat if additional items need to be added. When you finished, click Save & Close.
You are done!
Click on Print to view and print a report.
Click on Clear to re-enter new data.
  Quick Sales Tax Calculator is only for a business with single district tax area. Other type of business such as multiple district tax areas sales, vending sales, chain stores, chain restaurants, Gas Station needs to purchase our full version.
  To print an E-filing report or paper tax return you need to purchase our full version.

On Sales Tax Calculator worksheet:
In-store Sales: Single location (401-EZ or 401-A) 
  Enter retail merchandise sales including tax on line R1.
  Or taxable sales without tax on line 12.
  Add nontaxable sales and other nontaxable deductions on line 4-8 & 10.
Vending Machine Operators: (401-A or 401-GS + Vending) 
  Open Vending worksheet from Sales Tax Calculator worksheet.
  Just enter Total sales including tax on each type of vending sales such as Food Sales 100% taxable sales, 33% taxable sales... on worksheet.
Chain stores or chain restaurants. Multiple locations. (401-A + sub-outlets) 
Having 2 or more sales locations?.
  Just enter retail merchandise sales including tax on line R1,
  Add nontaxable sales and other nontaxable deductions on line 4-8 & 10 for each location.
Gas station. (401-GS) single or 2+ locations (401-GS + sub-outlets) (with Vending). 
  Enter retail merchandise sales including tax on line R1.
  Add non taxable sales and other nontaxable deductions on line 4-8 & 10.
  Add MV fuels including tax, Diesel fuels including tax.
  Enter gallons of Diesel fuels sold (State excise taxes are exempt from sales tax).
  Enter gallons of Motor Vehicle fuels and Diesel fuels bought (Get credit for sales tax prepaid to fuel suppliers).
  Enter tax prepayments paid for the tax period. You are done!
A trade show business with multiple district tax areas sales. (401-A + Sch. A & B). 
Having one permanent location and multiple district area sales?
  Just enter Total taxable sales without tax on line 1-Total (gross) sales on main worksheet.
  Enter taxable sales without tax for each city or county on Schedule A worksheet.
After you entered the above sales transactions. Stop! You are done.
  CSUTax will calculate and transfer all sales data and applicable sales tax and tax due to tax form and its schedules based on business's city & zip code and tax periods.
On Sales Tax Calculator worksheet:
  ° Click "Print" to view/print the worksheet.
  ° Click "Transfer data to main worksheet" to view/print a tax return.
Now you have 2 options to file your sale tax returns:
On main worksheet:
  1. File online: Click "E-filing Report" to print a report and use it to transfer line by line to BOE E-filing online.
  2. File paper tax forms: Click "View/Print Tax Return" to have paper tax forms to send it to BOE.
  A business having one location, one district tax area sales.
  A business having multiple locations, chain stores, chain restaurants.
  A business having multiple district tax areas sales.
  A Gas Station.
  A Vending Machine Operators Sales.